Our produce section is very popular. We have a large selection a jams, marmalades, and chutneys:

chutneys and jam

These include:

We also sell free-range hen and duck eggs.

The baking section always has a excellent choice of freshly made produce, most of which is suitable for freezing by our customers.

produce tables

The following is a list of our regular items:


There are always a good variety of:
• Victoria sponges
• Chocolate cakes with butter cream filling
• Date and walnut
• Coffee
• Cherry
• Mixed fancies
• Ginger
• Muffins
• Decorated fairy cakes

Loaf Cakes

A wide range of loaf cakes are always available, and usually includes:
• Ginger
• Banana
• Tea loaves including Bara Brith
• Lemon Drizzle
• Toffee


• Fruit pies (depending on the season)
• Jam tarts
• Bake well tarts
• Mince pies (at Christmas)
• Maid of honours


• Flapjacks
• Shortbreads
• Ginger
• Choc chip
• Lemon crisp
• Welsh cakes

Dog Biscuits

One of our members has – by a very complicated procedure – acquired a licence to produce dog biscuits. These are very popular with our 4 legged friends.


Produce can be ordered., either by our order desk (by the entrance/exit) or by telephone. This saves any disappointment. The produce stalls are very popular and 50% of sales are within the first 15 mins of opening.